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Smart Email Software (Bulk Email):
By means of the Internet we have the possibility to connect millions of people from around the world. And this number is growing as far as people discover the convenience and necessity of the Internet in today’s world, where the success in the business largely depends on information technology.

Companies and organizations have found the Internet an opportune place to promote their products and services by email. 

Smart Email Finder:
Smart Email finder is a value added tool for Bulk Email Software, with powerful targeting ability which extracts the targeted e-mail addresses from the search engines that are directly related to your business & it is Invaluable to anyone for internet business promotion.

Key Features:
  • Easy and Quick Customer Master Entries.
  • Single, Group and Bulk Email Sending Options.
  • Email is received in Inbox by the recepient.
  • Customized HTML Email Designer. 
  • Special Time Management Option to control delivery failures of Emails.
  • Define Users & their password to control unauthorized access of the software.
  • Reports for the Mail Sent Subject wise. 


  • Save Resources:
    Information sent through Email is very fast which saves money, manpower and time. 
  • Improve Communication:
    Email special feature of accuracy, reliability and availability helps to improve communication.
  • Reduce Expenses:
    Email reduces expenses in cost of communication and time. 
  • Gain Customer Loyalty:
    Business means relationship, greetings to customer or fast information flow to individual increase their pride level, trust and loyalty.
  • Increase Profitability:
    Effective, frequent, & fast communication automatically leads to more business, which results in increasing profitability.

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