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Special Messaging System (SMS):
Communication is one of the prime keys to success for business. All type of communication help Corporates, Professionals and Individuals to make day-to-day decisions to run business operations smoothly. SMS in business is instant, fast, cost effective, precise and easiest way of communication without disturbing the receiver anytime anywhere.

Key Features:
  • Easy and Quick Master Entries.
  • Single, Group and Bulk SMS Sending Options.
  • Special SMS sending from Microsoft Excel File and Advanced Utilities.
  • Set Reminders and Alerts.
  • Schedule your SMS.
  • Database Query Management System.
  • Special information flow System.
  • Reports and history for messages-sent.
  • Delivery Reports.

Salient features:

  • Simple Text messages.
  • Report & History for messages sent.
  • Online User balance.
  • Flash SMS.
  • Blink SMS.
  • WAP Push.


  • Save Resources.
  • Improve Communication.
  • Reduce Expenses.
  • Gain Customer Loyalty.
  • Increase Profitability.

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